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About Us

About Rancang&Bangun

Rancang&Bangun is a collection of tools and resources created as a part of Holcim's commitments to help you become responsible homeowners. With Rancang&Bangun you can quickly estimate the cost for your new home, including budget estimation and materials, to get you on your way of building your dream home.

Estimate Your Budget

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Estimate Your Budget

Get a quick estimation on how much it will cost to build your home based on location, size and the number of floors and bedrooms.

Customize Your House

Customize Specific Details

Get more detailed budget estimation by customizing the details such as wall height and other building materials.

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Architect dan Contactors

See Contractors Near You

Browse a curated list of trusted contractors based on locations, portfolios and budget ranges.

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Things You Need To Know

Before you start with Rancang&Bangun, there are some information that you need to prepare, such as:


Home Location

Different cities have different cost coefficient. Ranging from materials to contractors. Some cities are more expensive compared to others.


Building Size

The size of the house will definitely affect the budget, because the bigger the house, the more materials are needed.


Number of Floors

More floors will equal more cost. Because the nature of the materials used will be greater and more expensive.


Number of Bedrooms

More bedrooms means more walls, which equals to more materials used, resulting in increased budget.


Materials Used

Different type of materials used will also be a factor when it comes to budget. Different type of bricks, flooring and roof materials will see significant changes to the overall budget.