About Us

Holcim is committed to always providing the best experience for you. And it started even before you decide to use our products. Rancang&Bangun is one of those many initiatives from Holcim. Rancang&Bangun is created for the sole purpose of helping potential -especially first time home owners- in calculating the budget needed to build your dream home.

Based on research and actual user feedbacks, Rancang&Bangun is built from the ground up to provide all the tools needed to start your journey in building your own house. Starting with the initial budget estimation, to the selections of numerous materials that will affect the overall budget, the accompanying information needed on each steps, all the way to selecting contractors that are suitable for your build. All in one easy to access destination. 

Rancang&Bangun is there every step of the way to make sure that you have the right calculations, the right materials and building blocks, and that you are well informed when you engage with contractors.

Rancang&Bangun is the perfect companion for you to build the house you have always dreamed of. Now let's get started!